Exciting News! 🌾 Mindroot Foundation Joins Hands with Gopiram Ji Mahla to Launch Community Mental Health Intervention at Ojarira Kheti-Badi Site, Taranagar 🀝

Jul 24, 2023 | Latest Updates

In a landmark development, the we are proud to announce a significant collaboration with Gopiram Ji Mahla, a generous and benevolent individual who has graciously offered his farm land for the Chopal community mental health intervention at Ojarira Kheti-Badi Site, Taranagar, completely free of cost. This partnership marks an exceptional milestone in the pursuit of better mental health care for rural communities. 🌱🧠

Uniting for the Benefit of All

The union between the Kheti-Badi Project and Mindroot Foundation showcases a powerful amalgamation that aims to uplift and support the rural community in unprecedented ways. With a shared vision of enhancing mental health care accessibility and breaking down barriers, this collaboration is poised to bring together the collective strength of both organizations. 🌾❀️

Extending Mental Health Support to Farmers and Beyond

At the heart of this initiative lies a sincere desire to provide mental health care support not only to the farming community but also to the broader rural population. Recognizing the immense stress and challenges faced by farmers and rural residents alike, we believe that this intervention can create a lasting impact on the well-being of those living in these communities. πŸŒΎπŸ’š

Mark Your Calendars!

From September onwards, the Chopal community mental health intervention will be in full swing, with the OPD for mental health and substance use disorders held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. This consistent and regular schedule aims to ensure that those in need can access the necessary support and care without any delay. πŸ“…

Building on Success: Expanding to Churu District

The success of the Chopal intervention at Dhodhsar Kheti-Badi site since January 2022 has been a testament to the impact such initiatives can have on the lives of individuals and communities. Drawing from this success, we are thrilled to replicate the same model in the Churu District, extending the reach and influence of this noble endeavor to even more rural communities. πŸ‘₯🌿

Together We Can Make a Difference

This groundbreaking collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in rural mental health care. By joining forces and working collectively, all those involved are embarking on a journey that promises to make a significant difference in the lives of farmers and the rural population. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

As the Chopal community mental health intervention takes shape and transforms the lives of many, we encourage everyone to stay tuned for regular updates on the progress of this impactful initiative. Together, we can contribute to the betterment of mental health care accessibility and foster a more supportive and resilient rural community. πŸ’š

With the MoU signing between the Mindroot Foundation and Gopiram Ji Mahla, a promising chapter begins in the quest for improved mental health care in rural India. This joint effort will not only provide much-needed support to farmers but also uplift the entire rural population. The Chopal community mental health intervention at Ojarira Kheti-Badi Site, Taranagar, sets the stage for positive change and highlights how collaboration and compassion can create transformative outcomes. 🌾🀝

Let us come together, celebrate this momentous partnership, and work hand in hand towards a healthier and happier rural community. 🌱🧠 Together, let’s sow the seeds of hope and healing! πŸŒΎπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’š

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