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Call us: +91-9352572799

Welcome to the Mindroot Foundation.

A non-profit organisation dedicated to mental health.


Our Mission

We, at Mindroot Foundation are determined to solve these problems...

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go-to center for all mental health issues.

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Our Approach

Organizing seminars/workshops/events to indulge members of society...

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Your Stories

Vijay Kumar

Jaipur, Rajasthan

मेरी उम्र 61 वर्ष है , में राजस्थान रोडवेज में 1976 से कार्यरत था अब में रिटायर हो चूका हूँ। जब मैंने सर्विस ज्वाइन करी उसके बाद जो रोडवेज के कर्मचारी थे जो कि शराब पिया करते थे वे मेरे दोस्त बने, पता नहीं कब व कैसे मैंने भी ऑफिस टाइम के बाद पीना शुरू कर दिया। धीरे धीरे ये मेरी आदत बन गयी। फिर मेरे मन में ये बात घर कर गयी की अगर मैंने नहीं पी तो मुझे रत को नींद नहीं आएगी और में ऑफिस नहीं आ पाउँगा इस कारण चोरी छिपे मैंने घर पर रोज पीनी शुरू कर दी।

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A lot of people are suffering from mental health and substance use disorders in our society. In India, only 1 out of 10 people receives evidence based treatment. Most of them do not receive needed treatment. Out of several contributing factors, one of them is a lack of the awareness of the problems or fear of stigma associated with them. This results in poor quality of life in personal, social or occupational domains, also including deaths because of suicides. We at Mindroot Foundation are concerned with addressing this global issue.

Dr D. S. Poonia
MD Psychiatry, AIIMS New Delhi,
Founder, The Mindroot Foundation


Latest Update


The Mindroot Foundation (“TMF”) is in the exclusive business of spreading awareness about mental health problems and substance use disorders and to address the stigma associated with them. We also screen (for mental health issues) those whom we deliver seminars and provide consultation if found to have mental health issues.